Gregson Davis, Sergio Yona (Ed.)

Afterlives of the Garden. 

Receptions of Epicurean Thought in the Early Empire and Late Antiquity


De Gruyter | Expected publication Dezember 31, 2023

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The collection of essays in this volume offers fresh insights into varied modalities of reception of Epicurean thought among Roman authors of the late Republican and Imperial eras. Its generic purview encompasses prose as well as poetic texts by both minor and major writers in the Latin literary canon, including the anonymous poems, Ciris and Aetna, and an elegy from the Tibullan corpus by the female poet, Sulpicia. Major figures include the Augustan poets, Vergil and Horace, and the late antique Christian theologian, Augustine. The method of analysis employed in the essays is uniformly interdisciplinary and reveals the depth of the engagement of each ancient author with major preoccupations of Epicurean thought, such as the balanced pursuit of erotic pleasure in the context of human flourishing and the role of the gods in relation to human existence. The ensemble of nuanced interpretations testifies to the immense vitality of the Epicurean philosophical tradition throughout Greco-Roman antiquity and thereby provides a welcome and substantial contribution to the burgeoning field of reception studies.


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  • Publisher: De Gruyter
  • Copyright year: 2024
  • Audience: Scholars of literary studies, Hellenistic philosophy, Epicureanism and Late Antiquity and Early Christianity.
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Gregson Davis, Duke University, Durham North Carolina; 

Sergio Yona, University of Missouri, Columbia Missouri, United States.