Cicero – Studies on Roman Thought and Its Reception

Funded by: Patrum Lumen Sustine-Stiftung (PLuS)

Edited by: Ermanno Malaspina

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CICERO – Studies on Roman Thought and Its Reception features monographs, edited volumes, text editions, and commentaries in all areas of Roman philosophy, history, rhetoric, politics, law, culture, and their reception, including patristics and Christian philosophy.

This thematically wide-ranging and interdisciplinary series was named after Marcus Tullius Cicero, who was not only a politician but also an influential orator and philosopher.

The peer-reviewed series is published by the Patrum Lumen Sustine foundation in Basel under the scholarly direction of the Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron (SIAC, Paris).

Series Editor

Ermanno Malaspina

Advisory Board

Mireille Armisen-Marchetti, Carmen Codoner, Perrine Galand, Henriette Harich-Schwarzbauer, Robert Kaster, David Konstan, Carlos Lévy, Sabine Luciani, Rita Pierini, Mortimer Sellers, Jula Wildberger

Managing Editor / Editorial Office (for any enquires and/or submission of book proposals)

Veronica Revello ([email protected])

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Notice from April, 20, 2018:

De Gruyter launches new Ancient Studies open access projects

In cooperation with researchers in Classical Studies at the University of Turin, the Patrum Lumen Sustine Foundation (PLuS, Basel) and the Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron (SIAC,Paris), De Gruyter has founded two peer reviewed open access book series which will enhance the publisher’s ancient philosophy program beginning this year.

Both series address various aspects of ancient philosophy and cultural history. The first series, Roma Sinica:  Mutual interactions between Ancient Roman and Eastern Thought, edited by Andrea Balbo (University of Turin and Vice President of the SIAC) and Jaewon Ahn (Seoul National University and member of the advisory board of the SIAC), dedicated to the research of receptional-historical interaction between (Graeco-)Roman and Eastern (especially Chinese and Korean) thought.

The series Cicero:  Studies on Roman Thought and its Reception, which is edited by the PLuS Foundation and directed by Ermanno Malaspina (University of Turin), will include monographs, edited volumes, text editions and commentaries on all aspects of Roman philosophy, history, rhetoric, politics, law and cultural history as well as their reception, including patristics and Christian philosophy. All publications in these two series will be available in print and as open access e-Books on

A further series outside of the open access projects was also founded at the University of Turin at the beginning of the year. Edited by Rosa Maria Piccione, Transmissions:  Studies on Conditions, Processes and Dynamics of Textual Transmission is dedicated to various aspects of the transmission of ancient texts as well as the history of books and libraries.

“In the humanities, De Gruyter has been cooperating for years with the most important Italian universities and institutions. We are honored to have among our authors and editors key Italian researchers” said Serena Pirrotta, PhD, Editorial Director Classical Studies & Philosophy at De Gruyter. “We are very proud to meet the increased demand – in Italy and internationally – for open access publications with these projects, which meet the highest academic standards. It is our intention to support and expand networks within the Italian research and publishing community – especially with regard to open access.”

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