Olivier Delsaux

Traduire Cicéron au XVe siècle – Le ›Livre des offices‹ d’Anjourrant Bourré


De Gruyter | 2019

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About this book

This book provides the first critical edition of the first French translation of Cicero’s De officiis. Anjourrant Bourré’s Livre des offices offers a new perspective on the reception of Cicero’s moral and political thougth in late medieval and early Renaissance France. The critical edition, based upon all surviving testimonies, provides, besides the edited text, a study of the textual transmission, an analysis of the linguistic aspects as well as of the translation process, a glossary, explicative notes and an index.


  • Language: French
  • Publisher: De Gruyter
  • Copyright year: 2019
  • Edition: Édition critique
  • Audience: All those interested in Reception, Classical and Medieval Studies, Codicology, and Manuscript Studies.
  • Pages:
    • Front matter: 16
    • Main content: 441
  • Illustrations:
    • Illustrations: 1
    • Coloured Illustrations: 4
    • Tables: 1
  • Keywords: Reception of Cicero; Translations of Classics; Middle French; Early Humanism

Author information

Olivier Delsaux, Saint-Louis University, Brussels, Belgium.